Le Yacht Lodge: the floating resort built with XFAB

Le YACHT Cruises – Monaco has commissioned to the Italian company Materia Srl the realization of the reproduction of the “Le Yacht Lodge”.

The ambitious project is a system of services, commercial and accommodation infrastructures built on floating platforms.

The model is challenging in term of thickness: the floors and the main structures are made of birch wood of 1 millimeter thick, as well as the plexiglass windows.

The interior design, the furnitures, the boats and the external components have been built with XFAB in material Invicta 915.

XFAB’s precision allowed to produce miniatures and details, perfectly matching the CAD.

Take a look at the gallery and at the complete reference.

Customer: Le Yacht Cruises – Monaco

Design: Garroni Design
Realization: Materia Srl
Dimensions: 1100 x 1100 x 320 mm high.

XFAB wins at 3D Printing Industry Awards!

London, May 20th: a date to remember. XFAB won the award for the category “Personal 3D Printer of the year“, beating all the main competitors. The nominations for the 12 categories have had over had over 200,000 votes.  The reward ceremony has been held at the prestigious Chelsea Old Hall, among 3D printing industry ambassadors and the biggest players of the sector.

XFAB is a project we believe in.
We have made 3D printing affordable for everyone and we have brought the professional technology inside a desktop version, helping start ups and businesses to grow and be competitive on the market.

DWS staff would like to thank all the customers and all the people who voted.


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The Research Center of Hongik University realizes an optimized car frame.

The researchers of Hongik University chose to print the prototype of an innovative optimized car frame with DWS 030X, in material DL380. The print took 90 hours for the whole structure, both for the seat with the filigree pattern and the car frame. The model of dimensions 45x30x30 cm has been printed in different pieces and assembled.

After a quick post process consisting of 2-minute wash in water and alcohol solution, 5-minute UV curing cycle, the supports have been removed. The model has been lightly sandpaper grinded and polished with the vaseline.

By courtesy of Digital Hands – HDC Korea.