The preview of XCELL presented at Formnext

“We are facing a revolution, where 3D printing meets automation, bringing several advantages and a completely different user experience” said Maurizio Costabeber at the presentation of the brand new XCELL during Formnext 2017, in Frankfurt.

XCELL  3D printer is a groundbreaking concept: the first ever built-in work cell, all in one solution from the 3D file to the ready to use parts.
XCELL gives a new experience in 3D printing: once the file is imported no other operations are required to obtain the printed object which comes out already washed and UV cured without any other intervention. The system uses XPOD, a new concept of smart cartridge with advanced material management. The user inserts XPOD inside the printer, and when the job is completed, the material not used returns automatically inside the cartridge before the extraction.

Know more and watch the short video of the process.

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