Maker Faire Rome is back!

Maker Faire Rome is back! With plenty of new ideas this year… They have been announced in the MIUR press conference for its launch, last Friday 18th. Among the others, Gunther H. Oettinger, European Commissioner to the Digital Economy and Society, and the italian Minister Giannini were there!

This year, too, Maker Faire will see DWS Systems as a very special player… stay tuned for more news!

From min 51:50, Mr Costabeber is offering a very special gift to Gunther H. Oettinger: a model of the Colosseum, designed and produced by DWS… its material?! Synthetic ivory conceived by DWS.

XFAB featured on 3D Printing Industry

“The XFAB SLA 3D Printer Is Finally Available for Purchase”

“It took almost two years since it was first announced at Maker Faire Rome in 2013, and one year later than initially expected, but the XFab, the first low-cost 3D printer from Italy-based leaders in professional SLA 3D printers DWS, is finally available for purchase. As promised by DWS general manager Maurizio Costabeber, it will cost €5,000 and it is going to offer some serious resin 3D printing capabilities, starting with the compatible materials available at launch, bottled in elegant 300 ml containers.” […]

Thanks to Davide Sher, for this article on 3D Printing Industry.
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