“Stella Nova” tells us the story of DWS

Written by Beatrice Mauri.

What transforms a small business owner from Vicenza in a guru of technology and innovation? Many would say the courage to invest, others the ability to be a leader, maybe someone else the opportunity to learn traveling the world. None of this: according to Maurizio Costabeber, creator of the first three-dimensional printer for medical applications, the difference is just in the imagination applied to research. Indeed the ability to have a long term vision of the market, the ability to anticipate progress in the right time, but without running  and without “burning” a stroke of genius.

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3D printing at CES 2015 | CNET


“The XFAB is a high-end printer that uses Stereolithography Apparatus (SLA) technology, which uses liquid ultraviolet-curable photopolymer, called resin, and an ultraviolet laser to build a 3D object, layer by layer. It can make objects with much higher detail than other 3D printers. It’s available for pre-order now and costs around $5,000″.

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CES 2015: New Tech to Accomplish New Year’s Resolutions

LAS VEGAS—New year + new tech = new (productive) you.

ZDNet, Rachel King

3D printing is increasingly being credited with empowering small businesses to develop and produce their own prototypes — and even ready-to-sell products — in-house without the costs and entanglements of too many supply chain partners.

Digital Wax Systems, which manufacturers 3D printers intended for manufacturing, dental and biomedical, and jewelry industries, has introduced XFAB, flaunted as an “affordable” high-end 3D printer.

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