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Eyewear made with XFAB: DWS introduces the designers of Fabbrica 4.0

Here revealed names and  faces of the four designers who will design the glasses and sunglasses which will be 3D printed at the DWS booth during Maker Fair Rome from 14th to 16th October for the  DWS’ event “Fabbrica 4.0: business your idea”. Four young italian designers who have accepted the challenge to examine the unlimited possibilities of the stereolithography: from a liquid material, photosensitive, to a finished and saleable product, made with the latest productive technology: the 3D printing.

Alice Barki is very young, she is only 28 years old but has a remarkable resume: graduated cum laude and II level bachelor in industrial design, obtained with the highest mark. She boasts prestigious professional collaborations on architecture and fashion and, from time to time, she takes part in design contest which are, generally, won by her. Her biggest inclination is the industrial design which she enriches with her artistic talent.

Enea Vitali comes from a family of opticians and is very easily been chosen by DWS for his experience: class 1983, optometrist optician with only one passion: the CAD design for drawing his own glasses. He has already founded his own brand, the Farmakoff, to produce them, clearly in stereolithography, and to sale them in his own shops.

A bachelor in design engineering and a role of professor at Poli.Design and at the Nuova Accademia delle Belle Arti, Fabio Caresi does not need an introduction. Expert of tridimensional modelling, he collaborates with different Italian brands which are leaders on interior design and on fashion industry. He is able to interprets the market needs, bestowing to his design a strong personality but elegant.

The FabLab Milano has been created by him, Salvatore Saldano, a mind that is a mix of creativity and pragmatism which encourages him to produce any common object with the 3D printing. Graduated at the Accademia delle Belle Arti of Brera, he has been working as industrial designer, but he prefers to be named a maker.

The production of the glasses in Maker Faire Special Edition, designed by these four talents will be realized with the printer that all the makers are dreaming of: XFAB of DWSLAB. It has a big variety of materials that can produce almost everything. XFAB is the printer that can transform the makers’ typical DIY philosophy  in a new model of business.

Come to try the glasses on and to meet the four Designers at Maker Faire Rome, the biggest European exhibition: we wait you in Fiera di Roma from 14th to 16th of October!

Stefano Negrini at IDS with DWS

Stefano Negrini, the new ambassor of DWS for the dental sector, is a specialist in orthodontics laboratory technique with a 25 year experience. On Friday 24th March, at DWS’ booth A69 of IDS, he will present the advantages of a full digital workflow, showing how the innovative devices for dentistry are changing the way to work in the laboratory and in the clinic.

Come to see the conference at:

IDS – DWS booth A69

Friday 24 March – 4 pm



DWS at MECSPE, Fiera di Parma – Italy

MECSPE  is the Italian exhibition for the manufacturing industry, the meeting point between production technologies and industrial supply chains. DWS will display the 3D printers for professionals, which allow to increase the efficiency of the production processes and prototyping.

DWS will introduce a first preview of the prototype resin for the injection moulding.

Booth I-13 Pavillion 6

DWS launches DFAB: the 3D printer for restorations within 20 minutes

After a preview at the Chicago Dental Society’s Midwinter Meeting in the US in February, DWS will be officially launching its new DFAB 3-D printing solution at the International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne. The product features the company’s own Photoshade technology, which allows the production of dental prostheses in natural shades in a single visit.

DFAB® is a 3D printer developed for dentists and prosthodontists with the purpose of increasing the efficiency and reducing the number of procedures for the production of dental prostheses. It allows to produce up to 5-element bridges in less than 20 minutes. The innovation behind this is the Photoshade technology, a system that allows to reproduce the colour of the patient’s teeth, as well as shades, giving the prosthesis a natural appearance.

Starting from an STL file, produced after an intraoral scan, the user selects colours and shades of the restoration through Nauta Photoshade software. The choice of the shades and of the colours can be selected in a range between A1 and A3.5 of the Vita*1 scale; as a result, the finished product obtained is customized.

DFAB® is an integrated system with disposable cartridges containing Temporis®*2, the Class IIa biocompatible material. Recent studies and tests on this material have shown mechanical strength values that are comparable to a well-established restorative resin material made of hybrid composite*3. The cartridges are ready to use and conceived to maintain the workplace hygiene, avoiding the risk of accidental leakage and contamination. Compared to the traditional systems, the disposable cartridge allows an easy material change and prevents unnecessary cleaning and maintenance of platform and resin tank.

With a 40-micron laser spot, DFAB® ensures an accurate fitting and a correct occlusion. The high speed printing guarantees a 20-minute building time of a 5-element bridge, providing a treatment that could be completed in a single visit, without the involvement of external dental labs.

DFAB® has a minimal and modern design that adds value to the dental clinic. DFAB® does not produce any noise or dust and does not require tooling. It is available in desktop and chairside version with a 7 in. touch-screen computer.

The software interface is intuitive: once the file is imported, the user is guided till the print launch with the best user experience.

DWS will participate at IDS from 21st to 25th of March, at Pavillion 4.1, booth A069, where demonstrations of DFAB® and Photoshade process will be running throughout the exhibition.

DFAB® will be sell from July 2017.


*1 Trademarks property of their respective owners.

*2 The polymer is to be considered a long-term invasive medical device in Class IIa as provided for by the Rule 5, Annex IX, Dir. 93/42/EEC.

*3 Alharbi, Nawal, Reham Osman, and Daniel Wismeijer. “Effects of build direction on the mechanical properties of 3D-printed complete coverage interim dental restorations.” The Journal of prosthetic dentistry 115.6 (2016): 760-767.

A 3D printed reproduction of Amatrice, the town devastated by the earthquake.

During the last Maker Faire Rome, a detailed reproduction of the city of Amatrice has been presented. The little Italian town has been devastated by the earthquake on 24th August 2016 and, with the purpose of supporting the evacuated citizens, DWS together with Alessandro Ranellucci and the designer Michele Calvano have joined to realize the three-dimensional map of the ancient historical centre.

The artwork is a CAD drawing elaborated on the imagines captured before the earthquake and 3D printed, with dimensions of 2 x 4 meters. DWS has printed the blocks with houses and buildings with XFAB, the stereolitoghraphy 3D printer which solidifies liquid material through a laser source. It is a wish for a prompt reconstruction, in order to maintain the identity and the original aspect of the town.