XFAB 2000


3D Printers for Fast Digital Models

XFAB 2500 SD

Main Features

  • Cylindrical working area: ø 180 mm.
  • Compact design for desktop use.
  • Printer with “Plug and Play” USB connection.
  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • Patented work platform with tools for easy removal of models.
  • TTT patented system, which optimises the tank consumption, increasing its duration.
  • Automatic heating system and material temperature control.
  • BluEdge® proprietary laser.
  • No calibration required.
  • Proprietary 3D editor: NAUTA® XFAB Edition.
  • Software: Fictor® XFAB Edition
  • Parametric technology.
  • Simplified support removal, with no risk of model damage.
  • Wide range of importable 3D formats.
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  • 3D Printing Method: Laser Stereolithography
  • Working Area: Ø 180x180 mm
  • Laser Source: Solid State BluEdge® BE-1300X
  • Slice Thickness* 10-100 microns
  • Scanning Method: Galvanometer
  • Software: Fictor® XFAB Edition, Nauta® XFAB Edition
  • Input File Format: .stl, .slc, .nauta, .fictor, .mkr, .3dm,
  • .3ds, .ply, .obj, .lwo, .x
  • Machine Size: 400x606x642 mm
  • Operating Temperature and Humidity: 20°-25°C / 60%
  • Power Supply: 24V DC with AC 240/100V / 50-60 Hz external supplier included
  • Operating System: Windows7 or higher
  • Memory: 2 Gbyte
  • Graphics Card: compatible with OpenGL
  • I/O Interfaces: 1 USB port
  • Connectivity: 1 active internet connection
  • Recommended Configuration: Dual Core Processor or above, memory 4 GB

XFAB 2000 is the innovative desktop 3D printer equipped with the same technology used in our professional printers.
XFAB 2000 is perfect for dental labs for the production of dental models, orthodontic arches, arches for thermoformed aligners, surgical guides, models for crowns and bridges

Cylindrical printing area 180 mm in diameter, with 20% greater printing volume thanks to the round shape
Compact design for professional desktop use
12 types of material available for industrial applications, jewellery, dental applications, and educational/makerspaces 
USB plug and play

The material smart cartridges for XFAB series have been designed to ensure that resin refills are simple, fast, and safe. Thanks to the extrusion mechanism inside the XFAB, no manual intervention is required and the risk of accidental spills is eliminated.
XFAB is a 3D printing solution accessible to everyone, incorporating the advanced technologies found in professional systems, such as the sophisticated TTT System (Tank Translation Technology) patented by DWS, which ensures that the tank wears evenly and avoids localised laser damage.
The BluEdge® laser developed in-house by DWS is accurate and precise, and calibrated to achieve smooth surfaces requiring no further finishing. It is long-lasting and needs no maintenance or adjustment. 
XFAB works with DWS proprietary parametric software Nauta XFAB Edition, which automatically generates any support structures required while printing a 3D object. Using Nauta XFAB Edition, users can quickly create and optimise the support structure according to the requirements. The software gives the freedom to modify supports, and alter the orientation and position of objects for 3D printing, to maximise the quality of the surfaces produced. 
The output file can then be exported to the Fictor XFAB Edition software, which launches and manages the printing process.


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  • Digital Models

  • Models for Surgical Guides

  • Surgical Guides

  • Models for Crowns and Bridges

  • Orthodontic Applications

  • Medical Imaging

  • Arches for Thermoformed Aligners

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