Orthodontic applications for large laboratories


Main Features

  • Low running and maintenance costs
  • Excellent price/quality ratio
  • TTT (Tank Translation Technology) system to optimize the resin tank’s lifespan


Technology: Laser Stereolithography
Working Area: 300 x 300 x 300 mm
Laser Source: Solid State BlueEdge®
Slice Thickness: 10-100 microns (depending on the type of material used)
Scanning Method: Galvanometer
Software: Fictor® and Nauta®+ included
Input File Format: .stl, .slc, .nauta, .fictor, .mkr, .3dm, 3ds, .ply, .obj, .lwo, .x
Machine Size: 704 x 1446 x 2048 mm
Weight: 500 Kg
Operating Temperature and Humidity: 20°-25°C / 60%
Power Supply: AC 230V / 50 Hz
Electrical Consumption: 500W
PC Minimum Requirements: Windows 8 or higher*
Memory: RAM 4 GB*
Graphics Card: OpenGL 2.0 compatible or above*
I/O Interfaces: 1 USB port - 1 Ethernet TCP/IP port
Connectivity: 1 Active internet connection

* Built-in PC, the minimum requirements are expressed in order to operate Nauta
®+ with an external PC (not included). The recommended requirements may vary in accordance with the complexity of the file to be printed.

An innovative 3D production printer from DWS.  
XPRO S is the ideal choice for large laboratories that need to produce large quantities of models in short time frames.
High throughput, high precision and a wide selection of specific materials make this a versatile printer suitable for every type of orthodontic application. 
The printer was specifically designed around DWS material formulas to ensure optimal results.


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