“A makerspace, a FabLab, a place for meeting people and exchange ideas, a place made for experimentation, innovation and research. Opendot is a new company founded by dotdotdot with a multidisciplinary network linked with the philosophy of collaboration and knowledge sharing. DWS will be the technical partner of Opendot inauguration, scheduled for Thursday, September 25, 2014.

Opendot is a space open to everyone. Thanks to training ‘learning by doing’ there will be the necessary tools so that everyone will be able to become autonomous and free in its creative expression.

The coordinator is Enrico Bassi, designer and former coordinator of the first FabLab opened in Italy in Turin. The makerspace is divided into different work areas: carpentry, rapid prototyping, electronics, textiles, kitchen. To enter, participate in training activities and use of machinery is necessary to become part of the community Opendot, choosing the membership that best suits your needs. The makerspace provides several machines and also the DW020X of DWS. Maurizio Costabeber, General Manager of DWS, strategic partnership of the new reality in Milan, explains the relationship with the territory: “For DWS is very important to pay attention to the Italian and International excellence: a company is an integral part of the social, cultural and economic territory. The synergies between the public and private sphere, between the university and the company, between the company and the territory, play a vital role in raising the rate of cultural growth of the whole country: the company is not just about work and income, but also cultural and social growth and development. And today’s 3D printing is a new reality for the international economy.””