“NFT – the NextFutureToday”

July 10th 2014, Open day @ Fornace (Asolo – Italy)

Production and innovation, thinking and doing. These are the keywords of the OpenDay where DWS will show its technology at the striking Fornace of Asolo. Being able to combine the made in Italy, artisan tradition, and the technology and innovation is our strength. During the OpenDay there will be different workshops entitled “Innovation and tradition in a digital future” to explore how companies transform their resources into new digital technologies for the enterprise. At 6:00 p.m. there will be a seminar entitled: “The digital manufacturing and the new manufacturing routes” where DWS General Manager, Maurizio Costabeber, will explain the current scenario and DWS innovations. Workshop 1: NFT- the NextFutureToday. Open DAY FORNACE

Workshop 2: Innovation and tradition in a digital future