“4,00 p.m. – Open Talk:“3D printing and architecture“, speaker Yuri Costantini (MCA)

During the light talk dedicated to MC A studio, we will discuss the theme of 3D printing applied to architecture. Yuri Costantini, head of the laboratory models of the prestigious Studio, will quickly review the various aspects of his work by introducing the concept of parametric architecture and explaining what is the “control of the project” thanks to architectural models. Then he will bring the practical example of the project of the new headquarters of the Algerian post office (PTA), winner of the WT Smart Cities Award, thanks to the collaboration with DWS and the use of stereolithography 3D printers.


MC A (Mario Cucinella Architects), Architects studio, winner of the International Architecture Competition WT Smart Cities Award, a few years ago identified in the 3D technology an interesting solution to realize their prototypes. MCA conceives and realizes projects of architecture and design, through the development of research, the use of innovative technologies and talent of professionals, tends to an ideal of architectural quality that integrates environmental sustainability and ethical behavior.”

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