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Skipper - Personal Refresher
Kèlifos - Gramophone


Kélyfos is a gramophone created by designer Alice Barki with XFAB in material Invicta 915. 

The object measures 35 x 30 x 30 cm and is composed by 8 pieces. It is a sort of a sculpture whose lines and shape reminds a nautilus.

The designer has been inspired by the ancient gramophones and by the shape of the shells. The object is empty and it acts as a sounding board for the music played by the mobile inserted in the housing.

The designer has chosen white Invicta 915 material in order to highlight the surface smoothness and stress the details.

It took 87 hours for the 3D printing of the 8 pieces. Each single piece has been immersed in isopropyl alcohol for 7 minutes and has been UV cured for a 20-minute cycle. It hasn't been polished or sandblasted.



Technology: XFAB stereolithography 3D printer

Material: Invicta 915

Build time: 87 hours in total



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