DLP Projection

dlp projection

The DLP Projection method is characterised by high accuracy and a high productivity, but less precision. 



The Galvanometer scanning method allows the highest building speed and accuracy and is adopted by all XFAB, 028J Series, 029J Series, 029XC and XPRO Q printers.

DigitalWax®: stereolithographic systems, materials, laser and speed.

Thanks to their reduced moving parts and user-friendly approach, DWS printers are characterised by high reliability and low maintenance costs.
The high precision matches a great versatility thanks to the absence of pre-heating and calibration, and to the quick and simple resin' switch, that occurs by replacing the transparent resin tank through which the laser beam passes.  
The printers are controlled by a dedicated software that is perfectly compatible with most 3D CAD systems used in the jewelry applications.
BlueEdge® is a Class 3B laser source created by DWS Research & Development Centre. It emits ultraviolet rays that solidify the photosensitive resin layer by layer.

By means of a vertical positioning device, the modelling platform base rises up for a measure corresponding to the thickness of the solidified layer, till the object is completed. 

These motion capabilities, together with a synchronised laser, allow the creation of exceptionally complex and precise three-dimensional prototypes.
These innovations, compared to conventional techniques, make the whole process more flexible and more economical, especially in terms of material consumption and allow obtaining the maximum results in terms of high definition and high resolution.