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With this once in a lifetime promotion, all DWS 028 and 029 printers purchased by July 16th are provided with a life time warranty on the laser source spare part.

Save up to €35.000* of spare part for laser source cost in comparison to the average data of main competitors.





Laser is the most critical and expensive element of most industrial-grade 3D printers, and could need to be repaired or replaced over the time.

DWS legendary laser quality and uptime makes it possible for us for the first time to offer a life time laser source warranty. In this way we put down in black and white you will not have hidden costs over the lifetime of the printer.






Don’t miss this special offer and begin to produce with the highest standard quality!

Contact us and discover the 3D printer designed for your needs.

Hurry up! Promotion valid through July 16th




Terms and Conditions
  • This warranty is applicable to all the DWS 028 and 029 printers purchased between April 16th and July 16th, 2018.
  • The life time warranty on the laser source is valid only for the the original owner of the printer.
  • It includes the laser source spare parts. 
  • Shipping, taxes, custom duties and labor are not included.
  • The printer must be serviced only by DWS authorizhed personnel during the entire period.
  • The promotion is applicable only to business to business clients. 
*The costs represent a market average on laser spare parts. 
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