The new XCELL SD 3D printer is a groundbreaking concept: the first ever built-in work cell, all in one solution from the 3D file to the ready to use parts. Three drivers are the core engine of XCELL: the well known printing quality of DWS, the outstanding speed to reach the finished part, the revolutionary simplification of all the process.
XCELL gives a new experience in 3D printing: once the file is imported no other operations are required to obtain the printed object which comes out already washed and UV cured without any other intervention.


XCELL uses XPOD, a new concept of smart cartridge with advanced material management. The user inserts XPOD inside the printer, and when the job is completed, the material not used returns automatically inside the cartridge before the extraction. XPOD is a clean and ready to use solution, speeds up the whole process, saving time for other activities. 

Technology User Building Envelope Speed Available Materials Printer Dimension Layer Thickness
Stereolithography R&D or Professional labs,  medium and large size companies 200 x 150 x 200 mm High Full professional range of material for manufacturing and design, jewellery and dentistry ø 900 x 1400 mm 10-100 µ*


* 10-100 µ is the mechanical resolution, the value depends on the material used. 

Specific Applications:

For Manufacturing:

XCELL 6000SD: Industrial design, functional parts, design objects with demanding aesthetic features, models, prototypes.

For Jewellery:

XCELL 6000SD: Standard design,  solid and detailed design models.
XCELL 6000HD: Solid design, filigree, fine detailed models.

For Dentistry:

XCELL 6000PD: Orthodontic applications, arches for thermoformed aligners, dental models, biocompatibile surgical guides, medical imaging, models for direct casting, models for dies, partial frameworks, crowns, bridges, temporary restorations, models for implant analogs.


XCELL has been presented for the first time at Formnext 2017: take a look at the virtual tour.

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