“The fantastic world of makers to the big business”

Today at 11:40 on Radio 1 Rai

Just a toy for nerds? Not anymore!

Even big businesses are discovering the advantages of 3D printers capable of producing efficient and fast items for the market. This is one of the main news from Maker Faire that will take place in Rome from October 16th.
Guests: Riccardo Luna, editor of Maker Faire and Digital Italian champion; Stefano Micelli, professor at the Ca’ Foscari University, author of the bestseller “Future craftsman”, head of the “Innovative Artisans” at Maker Faire; Maurizio Costabeber, founder of DWS Systems, the biggest Italian company that produces 3D printers for professional applications…but not only; Eugenio Gaudio, rector of  La Sapienza University of Rome, home to the new edition of the Maker Faire.

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