3D printing is a disruptive invention
designed to radically change the future.

We are changing the future, now.


At DWS, our mission is to develop 3D printers and materials that produce objects of unrivalled quality and performance, enabling businesses to embrace digitalisation and become increasingly innovative and competitive. DWS technologies for 3D printing add value for current and future professionals, making it possible to reduce production times and develop totally original new products.


DWS is an Italian company producing 3D printers for prototyping and rapid manufacturing, materials for 3D printing, and related management software. Quality and continuous innovation are the distinguishing features of a company that has filed more than 250 industrial, technological, and design patents since 2007. We export 80% of our production to more than 60 countries worldwide, helping our customers become more competitive by reducing their development times for new products along with their operating costs. 



3D Printing Systems
at the highest definition

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