Additive Manufacturing Systems for Digital Dentistry

Digital dentistry and 3D printing are transforming the dental industry, changing the workflow and improving the performances of prosthodontists and dentists.
DWS aims to reduce development times of the production ensuring the best quality in terms of precision and resolution, giving a new experience to professionals during the production of digital models, orthodontic applications and prostheses.

Due to their reduced moving parts and unique user-friendliness, DWS’ 3D printers are characterised by high reliability and low maintenance costs.

The high accuracy perfectly combines with the great versatility of the systems, thanks to the absence of pre-heating and calibration and thanks to the quick and easy material change that occurs by changing the transparent tray containing the material and through which the light source passes. The range includes rapid production systems, suitable for the requirements of all dental laboratories and the most innovative clinics, both focused in customers’ satisfaction, cost reduction and production speed.

The machines are controlled by a dedicated software that is perfectly compatible with mostly used in the dental field CAD/CAM solutions and, according to the model, allow the operator to produce from a minimum of 15 up to a maximum of 4.100 items per day.

All DWS 3D printers, except DW009D model, are equipped with BluEdge a 3B Class laser source, created by DWS Research & Development centre. It emits ultraviolet rays that solidify the photosensitive material layer by layer.

By means of a vertical positioning device, the modelling platform base rises up for a measure corresponding to the thickness of the solidified layer till the completion of the job. These motion capabilities, together with a synchronised laser, allow the creation of exceptionally complex and precise three-dimensional prototypes.

These innovations, in comparison to conventional techniques, make the whole process more flexible and more economical, especially in terms of material consumption and allow the achievement of the maximum results in terms of high definition and resolution.

Professional Materials for the Dental Sector

Thanks to in-house produced materials and the long experience in the world of professional 3D printers, the resins developed for the dental sector are precise, accurate and ideal for orthodontic applications such as digital models, surgical guides, models for thermoformed aligners and for the production of crowns, bridges, prostheses and dental inlays.

Discover all DWS materials for the dental sector trough the Material Finder. 

XFAB 2500PD 

Premium print quality for small and medium-sized laboratories.

XFAB 3500PD 

High throughput and precision, without compromise


High-performance 3D SLA technology


Orthodontic applications for large laboratories


High-performance rapid manufacturing system


The wait is over: dental restorations in less than 20 minutes


A 3D printing revolution in the dental laboratory


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