3D systems for digital dentistry

Digital dentistry and 3D printing have changed dental sector. The digital workflow, from intraoral digital impression, modelling and planning software to 3D printing, now entered into the everyday practice. Professional dental technician and orthodontist, in DWS 3D printers finds versatile rapid manufacturing systems, easy to use, compatible with any CAD/CAM, and with a large range of materials available.

The materials for high resolution dental models’ production of Precisa series reproduce the smooth gypsum-like surface and are dimensionally stable. Scratch-proof and natural in the color, Precisa RD097 is highly appreciated satisfying the need for the perfect fitting in crown-die and in the margin’s closure or respecting the precise offset for the analogs. Invicta series and Therma series are both well appreciated the for the rapid and accurate realization of orthodontic arches for the thermoforming of the aligners. 

Moreover, DWS range offers GL4000, an elastomer for gingiva-like masks and soft tissue for dental models’ realistic completion, Vitra series and DS2000 for medical imaging, and Fusia series for castable and press ceramic crowns, bridges and for thin, resistant and non-deformable partial frameworks.

Particularly relevant in the clinical implant field the biocompatible resins. DWS makes available to the dental laboratory: DS3500 (Class Ia) for smooth, rigid, slightly transparent impression trays for an excellent fit; DS3000 (Class Ia) for the printing of transparent surgical guides; Temporis (Class IIa) for provisional restorations (6 colors); Irix Plus (Class IIa) for permanent restorations (6 colors).

Developing innovative and performing materials is a constant in DWS, as well as integrating SLA rapid manufacturing systems in the clinic so to make dentist’s digital workflow experience unique. For this purpose, DWS created DFAB, a 3D printer in two versions, desktop and chairside, compatible with all CAD software for planning and design. DFAB, thanks to Nauta® Photoshade® software and to the revolutionary material Irix Max (Class IIa), allows the creation of translucent permanent crowns, bridges and veneers with adaptive gradient color in less than 20 minutes.



XFAB 2500PD 

Premium print quality for small and medium-sized laboratories.

XFAB 3500PD 

High throughput and precision, without compromise


Natural-looking restorations in a single visit.


A 3D printing revolution in the dental laboratory


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