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A new XFAB generation launched by DWS at Formnext

DWS has launched at Formnext a new range of XFAB 3D printers, following the market trends demanding for customization, high resolution, speed and quality.

XFAB 3500SD is the advanced version of XFAB series and delivers outstanding models in design and manufacturing applications.  It is addressed to R&D departments, designers and professionals who require to prototype fast with high precision. With a building area of 140 x 140 x 180 mm, the printer is provided with the automatic zero setting and has selected professional materials designed specifically for industrial purposes.  It is equipped with the professional version of Nauta® software and the manual settings for customized parameters of DWS materials, a perfect multipurpose tool for professional applications. XFAB 3500SD model has an incomparable resolution.

XFAB 3500PD will change the way of producing in dental labs. This innovative 3D printer is addressed to dental labs of medium and large size demanding high productivity. With a precision and resolution able to cover nearly all the dental applications, XFAB 3500PD combines high printing performances to a wide productivity; the platform dimensions of 160 x 160 x 180 mm is uncommon for this kind of applications. The range of DWS materials in the dental field is fully exploitable by 3500PD high-end printer. Software and materials are designed, developed, and produced in-house by DWS, to guarantee the quality of the finished product and the optimal physical-mechanical performances. The integrated computer contributes to user friendly experience.

XFAB 3500PD allows to produce orthodontic applications, arches for thermoformed aligners, dental models, biocompatibile surgical guides, medical imaging, models for direct casting, models for dies, partial frameworks, crowns, bridges, temporary restorations, models for implant analogs and allows the use of the Class IIa biocompatible Temporis.


XFAB 1000 is an entry level 3D printer, cost effective, which delivers remarkable results in dental and jewellery. Thanks to an intuitive interface and an easy to use control panel, XFAB 1000 finds its place in small companies which manage low volume batches. It is the ideal 3D printer for casting applications and rubber moulding and for the production of castable crowns and bridges.




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