100 Micron Charm

DWS challenges itself by producing a demanding charm for jewellery. A tiny 100-micron filigree pendant, lengthened shaped, 4 centimeters of dimension.

The pattern design is a twisted plot which has required the highest resolution in order to not loose details and definition.

The complex geometry and the low thickness can be obtained with DWS material Fusia DC710. The advantages of DWS castable materials are: the reliability, the repeatability and easy procedures to direct cast.


The pendant has a thickness layer of 100 microns and has been rewarded at the Santa Fe Symposium in 2013 as the world’s thinnest jewellery product by a 3D printer. 

The project has been design by Sergio Zenere, an Italian goldsmith, specialized in 3D printing. 


Features of the object

Weight: 0,012 g

Dimensions: Ø 0,8 x 4 cm

Number of 3D printed models: 40

Building Time: 5 hours



Technology: DW 029J Plus HR stereolithography 3D Printer

Material: Fusia DC710


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