Reproduction of the town of Amatrice

Design: Michele Calvano, designed by Alessandro Ranellucci

Together with Alessandro Ranellucci, Michele Calvano, and the Lazio Region, DWS wanted to pay tribute to the municipal authorities of Amatrice with this 3D-printed reproduction of the town, to support of those affected by the earthquake of 24 August 2016 and keep awareness high to ensure that the old centre is quickly rebuilt.

The piece measures 4 x 2 m and is to 1:500 scale.

It is a CAD design devised by the architect Michele Calvano, who recreated the city using images from before the earthquake. The homes and buildings, rich in details such as arches, doors, and windows, were 3D printed using the XFAB® printer from Invicta 915 material.

Inhabitants of the earthquake zone are hoping for rapid reconstruction, while maintaining the town’s identity and original appearance.

Technology: XFAB 3D stereolithography printer

Material: Invicta 915

Dimensions: 4x2 m


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