Rosaspina and Onda

The renowned Italian designer Francesca Gabrielli has designed and developed two bracelets through the stereolithography 3D printing.

"Onda" is a bracelet inspired by the sea waves, which reproduces the water' ripples. It has been 3D printed in Irix material, turquoise colour, which imitates features and colours of the natural stones.

"Rosaspina" displays a texture of 3D roses: the sides of the petals are sharp and the buds are precise and detailed. Created with Irix, it reproduces the ivory colour and effect. 

The materials can be galvanized. 

"The 3D printing allows to create with no limits. I find it interesting for the possibility of customization for each single piece: each unit results unique, exclusive and match perfectly the customer needs".









Graduated at the Goldsmiths School in Rome, Francesca Gabrielli has been constantly involved in the diffusion of contemporary gold and silver design and she presently runs an art gallery.

Fascinated by arts, the designer mixes the classic culture with her researched on alternative materials and technologies.


Features of the object:

Designer: Francesca Gabrielli

Weight: Bracelet "Rosaspina" 57 g (plated 106 g) and  Bracelet "Onda" 35 g (plated 53 g)

Dimensions: ø 8 x 3 cm and ø 8 x 5 cm

Number of 3D printed models: 2

Building time: 7,5 hours





Technology: DW 029J stereolithography 3D printer

Material: Irix Ivory


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