The Digital Work-Flow and Model 3D printing in the Production Process of Permanent Restorations on Natural Teeth and Implants.


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Case Report

The patient is a 65-year old woman willing to replace an old crown in metal ceramic on tooth 1.7 and to position a tooth on implant on 1.6, element she lost due to a caries. 

The implant has been realised by DDS Carlo Cosma and Digilab’s dental technicians, Alessio Marsili and Flavio Lico, have designed the model (CAD phase) and produced the master model physically in the Stereolythographic 3D printer by DWS, DW020D, in resin DWS Precisa RD097, specific for highly accurate models. 

The model was made with a removable die on 1.7 and with a hole suitable for a digital analog.





The use of a high quality and highly precise 3D printer and of specific resins allowed the operators to overcome those that are deemed to be the major difficulties of this technology, that is getting, at the same time, a stable and reproducible die and digital analog inside the respective sites, together with the possibility to repeatedly remove both the die and the analog without deforming them. 

Thanks to DWS proprietary softwares, Nauta Plus and Fictor, operators have the possibility to widely customize production parameters of the models’ components: the removable dies and the holes for the dies and for the digital analogs.





















Technology: DW 020D stereolithography 3D printer 

Material: Precisa RD097


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