Techniplas Cognitive Lighting Technology


Concept – a pair of lighting assemblies are designed to be built into automotive steering wheels as an enhanced means of communication with the driver.

The assemblies require transparent light guide, translucent diffuser, elastomeric retainer, and tough housing.

Printing Requirements – The light guide must be optically transparent throughout.

The diffuser must be translucent with no blemish that could disturb light uniformity.

The elastomeric retainer must be class A surface finish, and the casing must be damage resistant.

3D Printing System – DW 030X

Materials – Invicta AB001, Invicta DL370, Flexa GM08B

Build Time – 10hrs

Post Processing – Atomized spray with IPA and compressed air blow-off, followed by talc dusting and a 20 minute UV cure.





Technology: DW 030X Stereolithography 3D Printer

Materials: Invicta AB001, Invicta DL370, Flexa GM08B

Build time: 10 hours 



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