Charms for Necklace

3D printing allows the realization of any design and pattern, giving complete freedom of creativity and expression. 

DWS has 3D printed a batch of models for the realization of a necklace. The object is a twisted plot spindle, made of four sides slightly twirled, and matches perfectly the original design. After the 3D printing, it has not required any further production. This model can't be obtained with the traditional methods of production.

The particular twine and the low thickness of the model has required an high 3D printing resolution.  







The models have been realized in Fusia DC400 material thanks to the DW 029J 3D printer, which boasts a building platform of 110 x 110 cm.

After the cleaning process and a UV curing cycle, the models have been placed on a casting tree, and direct casted. 


Features of the object:

Design: Sergio Zenere

Weight: 0,20 g

Dimensions: 1 x 5 cm

Number of 3D printed models: 35

Building time: 6 hours





Technology: DW 029J Plus stereolithography 3D printer

Material: Fusia DC400


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