The versatile refresher


Skipper is a portable device that freshens clothing and footwear by eliminating odors causing bacteria.

It allows to refresh clothes and shoes by combining the sterilizing effects of ionized air and UV light within a compact, versatile form.

The device hangs from an adjustable cord and can be rotated open to varying degrees.

The UV lights nested at the end of each wing can be detached and activated within one’s shoes. Skipper’s gentle cleaning process promises to save time and resources by keeping lightly-used clothing out of the wash cycle.


This project was developed at Politecnico di Milano in collaboration with Braun GmbH. Printed by ShapeMode with the XFAB 2000 3D printer. 


Designers: Carlotta Borgato, Timothy Liddell, Nicole Maccari, Maria Terraroli.







Technology: XFAB 2000 stereolithography 3D printer

Materials: Invicta915 and Invicta 917




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