A 3D printing revolution in the dental laboratory


Main Features

  • Produces permanent and provisional restorations
  • Single shade prints which can be customized
  • Five materials to meet all needs
  • Best user experience thanks to the disposable cartridges and the intuitive interface
  • Dedicated Nauta LFAB Edition software
  • Cloud ecosystem for full traceability of procedures, materials, and cartridges.


Technology: Laser - TSLA (Tilting Stereolithography)
Working Area: 50 X 20 x 40 mm
Laser Source: Solid State BluEdge®
Scanning Method: Galvanometer
Software: Nauta LFAB Edition
Input File Format: .stl, .nauta, fictor
Machine Size: 300 x 300 x 307 mm
Weight: 15 Kg
Operating Temperature and Humidity: 15° - 25°C / 60%
Power Supply: 24V DC with AC 240/100V / 50-60 Hz external supplier included
Electrical Consumption: 160W
I/O Interfaces: 1 USB port
Connectivity: 1 Active internet connection 
Personal Computer (not provided) minimum requirements
PC OS: Windows 8
Memory: RAM 4 GB
Graphics Card: OpenGL 2.0

Developed for dental laboratories, the Lfab Desktop 3D printer is easy to operate thanks to the proprietary Nauta LFAB Edition software, loaded on an external PC (not provided). 
It enables the production of natural-looking single shade dental restorations, in fewer steps than with traditional methods. Such restorations are cemented in the patient’s mouth after only a few finishing steps: simple removal of the printing supports, rinsing with ethyl alcohol, UV post-curing, finishing and polishing.
• Precise restorations
• Can print a crown in 8 minutes and 18 veneers in 30 minutes
• Uses disposable, hygienic cartridges incorporating the printing vat.


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