High resolution and increased working area for productivity at full blast


Main Features

  • Very high resolution and precision
  • Fully digital and automated workflow
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduction of costs and production times
  • TTT System - Tank Translation Technology that optimizes the wear of the resin tank
  • Low maintenance costs


Technology: Laser Stereolithography
Working Area: 170 x 170 x 200 mm
Laser Source: Solid State BlueEdge®
Slice Thickness: 10-100 microns (mechanical resolution, the actual value depends on the material used)
Scanning Method: Galvanometer
Software: Nauta®+ and Fictor® included
Input File Format: .stl, .slc, .nauta, .fictor, .mkr, .3dm, 3ds, .ply, .obj, .lwo, .x
Machine Size: 610 x 660 x 1400 mm
Weight: 150 Kg
Operating Temperature and Humidity: 20°-25°C / 60%
Power Supply: AC 230V / 50 Hz
Electrical Consumption: 500W
PC Minimum Requirements: External PC included
I/O Interfaces: 1 USB port - 1 TCP/IP ethernet port
Connectivity: 1 Active internet connection

+ software (that allows the automatic generation of supports) and its special (optional) modules XCluster®*, dedicated to the easy building of trees for lost wax casting productions and XCluster®* Chain, for the print of clusters of already linked chains. 
Thanks to the combination among materials its precision and the specifically designed software, the workflow becomes totally digital and automated.
This increases productivity, reduces time-to-market, production times and consequently costs in the different application fields.
With extremely low running and maintenance costs, the printer has been designed to operate continuously, always ensuring the maximum reliability and consistency.
029XC is also available in the version 029XCJ to satisfy all the requirements of those companies aiming for great printing volumes and details’ high resolution given by the 20 micron laser spot and in the version 029XCHR to match versatility and innovation. Its wide working area and the high resolution of the laser spot open new opportunities to all those companies seeking the utmost in detail in filigrees, in micro-pavé and in griffe.
* Patented technology


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