DWS joins the partnership and brings entire portfolio of SLA 3D printers to Techniplas’ AM facility.

DWS has entered in a partnership with Techniplas, a leading global design and manufacturing provider of automotive products and services to further expand its additive manufacturing capabilities. DWS will bring its entire portfolio of professional-grade 3D printing products to the open innovation program at Techniplas’ Additive Manufacturing Innovation Center in Ventura, California.

“With the partnership we are accelerating the momentum and strengthening the commitment to design and develop the best digital manufacturing tools together with like-minded, industry leaders,” said Avi Reichental, Vice-Chairman, Techniplas and CEO, Techniplas Digital. “DWS brings to this collaboration a comprehensive suite of precision printers capable of delivering high-volume metal castings and performance rubber materials that are ideal for automotive applications.”

Techniplas’ open innovation program is fostering powerful partnerships and delivers ecosystem-wide benefits from shared technologies and domain expertise that create new growth of opportunities within the 3D printing industry. With the latest lightweighting and additive technology companies joining in, Techniplas’ open innovation program is fast becoming the preeminent hub for industry 4.0 collaboration.

“Techniplas’ open innovation program is the perfect environment for our latest printers to deliver their true potential,” said Maurizio Costabeber, General Manager, DWS. “With Avi and the Techniplas team, we have found a partner that can open up completely new markets for us and help us mainstream the use of our digital manufacturing solutions within the automotive industry and beyond. We’re proud to be a member of this fantastic program.”