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During the January edition of the international jewelry technology exhibition T.GOLD, DWS presented XCluster, its exclusive system for direct 3D printing of lost wax casting trees. This innovative solution allows for drastic reduction of production costs by maximization of productivity and efficiency. Just think that thanks to the directly 3D printed trees, during manufacturing you save up to 45% more metal.

Such a paradigm shift is due to the new architecture of the tree itself, now called “cluster”, which is automatically generated by a proprietary algorithm. Thanks to these new geometries, we quickly obtain significant increases in productivity and equally important reductions in cost and length of processes.

This productive revolution is also possible thanks to the new casting resin developed by DWS specifically for this purpose. Fusia 445 was developed to generate even more precise models and greater detail accuracy. The resin is an addition to the rest of the Fusia family of materials, already at the forefront for the creation of castable models in the jewelry industry.

However, the biggest casting tree revolution is in the software. In fact, it is not the user any more who has to design the cluster and arrange it on the basis of printing, but NAUTA – DWS’ support generation program – automatically creates the cluster. As a magic wand, once the models have been selected, the software quickly generates the assembly with all the casting channels, maximizing the yield of printing materials and organizing the printing area efficiently. All this generates great saving of time for the operator, and for the whole printing and casting process.

To find out more about DWS’ XCluster 3D printing technology for lost wax casting, visit www.dwssystems.com and follow us on social media.

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