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FUSIA SERIES: Lost wax casting materials

The Fusia series has been specially developed for lost wax casting of jewelry, fashion accessories, industrial and dental applications and is suitable for the construction of models and detailed parts where the highest possible resolution is required.

The Fusia series materials are developed and tested internally, ensuring precise and accurate details, and stands out among them Fusia DC900 with its red matt color.  In addition to supports removal, a washing cycle and a curing cycle with original DWS UV-curing devices are required.

Through the special XCLUSTER application, the combination of Fusia 445 material, printer and specially designed proprietary software, è it is possible to produce lost wax fusing clusters making the workflow completely digital and automated.




THERMA SERIES: High temperature resistant materials

The Therma series includes nanoceramic materials developed for applications where thermal stress resistance is required. In jewelry and fashion accessories applications, the Therma series allows the creation of heat-resistant master models for the creation of rubber molds, both RTV and HTV. 3D molded models with Therma materials are characterized by high resolution, detailed and extra smooth surfaces.

Therma materials for orthodontic dental applications are specially developed for the thermoforming of invisible aligners.

Using Therma DM500 material it is possible to produce injection molds for thermoplastic injection molds with stereolithographic technology that are resistant to hundreds of molding cycles. This makes it possible to exploit digital technology directly in production processes.

VITRA SERIES: High definition transparent materials

The Vitra series materials are developed by DWS to faithfully, solidly and accurately reproduce the characteristics of glass, crystal and plastic materials, capable of superior transparency, guaranteeing the best final performance, also in terms of dimensional stability, for single objects or components.

The Vitra series is composed of different solutions of hardness and resistance, all characterized by smooth and polished surfaces and accuracy of details. It can also be colored. 

In the medical field, specific Vitra materials are suitable for medical imaging, whose transparency makes it possible to accurately visualize the anatomical structure of the patient in the smallest detail.


IRIX SERIES: DIGITAL STONE, from 3D printing to the jewel, directly

The IRIX series is composed of hybrid materials patented by DWS, called "digital stone".

Irix in color white, ivory, black and coral, reproduces the main characteristics of natural stones.

Irix A is a nanoceramic very pleasant to touch and able to recall the characteristics of handcrafted ceramics. It can be enameled, colored and sprayed.  

Irix V, transparent and translucent, can reproduce faceted gemstones and ornaments of any shape and dimentions and is available in the colors that reflect precious gems.  

Irix materials fully meet the needs of the fashion and fashion accessories sector, as they allow the on-demand production of jewelry through DWS 3D printers, avoiding the need for storage.



FLEXA SERIES: The most advanced solutions of elastomeric materials


The FLEXA series is the best answer to the need for rapid prototyping and production of objects and components of elastomeric products.

The performance of the models produced by the elastomers in black color or transparent from DWS 3D printers are at the highest levels of flexibility and elasticity making them durable over time and with defined surfaces.

For maximum flexibility of use, Flexa materials are available with different physical characteristics, colors and wear resistance.



PRECISA SERIES: precision, detail and high definition for aesthetic models and mockups​

The Precisa series is designed for stereolithographic 3D printing of prototypes with ultra-smooth and detailed surfaces, which require high resolution and accuracy. In the prototype phase it is possible to verify shapes, dimensions and levels of detail by producing in an economical and flexible way.

The Precisa series is ideal for use in the dental industry, where models require both the highest dimensional accuracy and the highest level of detail. Similarly, in model making, the resolution in the smallest details is appreciated, which is also fundamental in jewellery and fashion accessories.



INVICTA SERIES: accuracy, range and performance for functional models​ and end-use parts

The INVICTA series was developed specifically for the use of 3D DWS printers for final production and prototypes of interlocking functional parts.

Precision and dimensional stability, together with impact resistance, distinguish the materials of the Invicta series, suitable for the digital manufacture of functional products.

The models produced with Invicta materials are characterized by the excellent durability of their physical and mechanical characteristics.

Invicta 2020, in particular, for end-use parts is recommended for industrial design, functional parts and aesthetic mockups. 


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