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THERMA DM500 is the new 3D printing resin developed by DWS that makes it possible to shrink timescales and costs to create inserts for the direct production of small plastic batches. Switching from idea to product has never been so easy and cost-effective!

THERMA DM500 resin


THERMA DM500 is a photosensitive material for DWS stereolithography 3D printers, developed for the realization with the stereolithographic technology of injection mouldings for plastic material.


Depending on the application, the material has shown to reach 200 cycles. The injected polymer can reach a maximum temperature of 220° C with up to 90 bar of closing pressure.





- Smooth Surfaces

- High Resolution and Precision

- High Accuracy


Features & strengths

Making inserts from THERMA DM500 resin makes it possible to:

  • produce a small series, reducing mould building times
  • use and test industrial polymers from the outset
  • anticipate the time required for product certification according to the various standards (e.g. UL or CE)
  • produce shapes with articulated geometry without affecting the mould building costs
  • validate geometries and assemblies before making significant investment
  • carry out all post-processing on the products with the industrial materials available

Polymers currently recommended for moulding on Therma DM500 inserts are:

Polypropylene (PP), Polyethylene (PE), Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), Polypropylene + filler, Polystyrene (PS), Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), Polyacetal (POM), Polyamide (PA6).

The DWS research is constantly evolving to expand the range of compatible polymers.


The problems of industrialization

The leap from concept to industrial-scale production requires significant investment, not always obtained, which is the greatest obstacle for the brands of tomorrow.

Creating a mould, or cavity, into which plastic material is injected at high temperature and high pressure, traditionally meant investment of thousands of euros (typically between €5,000 and €100,000) and long lead times (between 4 and 8 weeks).

Today, therefore, there is an increasing need to shrink timescales and costs to produce small batches, allowing start-ups and established brands to obtain finished items made of materials for the industrial production.



The DWS solution

The development of DWS Therma DM500 resin enables us to bridge the gap between the worlds of prototyping and of industrial manufacturing, both in terms of cost benefits and production times.

It is also important to emphasise the improvement in terms of the development of new products, which right from the early stages, can make use of injection moulding technology to validate geometries and materials, and reduce the project’s time to market.

Making inserts through DWS Therma DM500 resin allows the production of dozens of parts in a few hours.

DWS continues in our quest to optimise the process. Together with PowerPlast, partner for the expertise in moulding techniques, we are developing the know-how to enable our customers to benefit from polymers with advanced technical qualities.

Comparison available of technologies

Technology Producibility Material Tooling cost Per-item cost Tooling creation time Item creation time
3D printing (FDM, SLS, SLA) 1 FDM filaments*, photosensitive resins* or polymeric powders No cost - additive manufacturing process HIGH none HIGH
Mechanical milling 1 Polymers available in sheet form No cost, but there is a material cost HIGH none LOW - MEDIUM
Silicone moulds 5-25 Thermosetting polymers in liquid form LOW (€ 100 - 500) MEDIUM MEDIUM (1 - 2 weeks) LOW - MEDIUM
Resin moulds DWS - Therma DM500 10-150 Thermoplastic polymers LOW - MEDIUM (€ 400 - 2,000) LOW LOW (2-3 working days) LOW
Pilot mould 100-5000 Thermoplastic polymers HIGH (€ 2,000 - 10,000) LOW HIGH (2-4 weeks) LOW

*Additive technologies cannot entirely replicate polymer performance in an industrial process due to differences in materials, in the performance and consistency of the polymer.


THERMA DM500 & XPRO S: the perfect match

XPRO S is the perfect choice for R&D and production departments of medium and large companies which need to prototype and produce fast. Good resolution, high precision and a choice of several materials for multipurpose applications make the XPRO S a versatile 3D printer.

The materials are designed, developed, and produced in-house by DWS, to guarantee  the quality of the finished product and the optimal physical-mechanical performances. Thanks to the high productivity, XPRO S is the ideal solution for R&D departments, professional labs, medium and large size companies and for on demand services and 3D hubs.






Other XPRO S 3D printer applications:


Smooth surfaces for final parts grade finishing
Tought materials with large envelope
Rubber like materials
Clear Material
Rubber like materials suitable also for intricate gaskets
Several materials composed for a steering-wheel prototype, courtesy by Techniplas 

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The THERMA DM500 resin is also compatible with the following printers:





Download the white paper

Download the white paper with the features of the material and the DWS guidelines for the design and 3D printing of the resin insert and the operating instructions for injection moulding.



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